Perserving our Trolley Poles

Recently, Dominion Power began removing the concrete street car poles along Robinson in order to affix their conductors to new wood poles at a much higher level over the street.

One of the concrete poles on Robinson St.

The Robinson Street Association wants to preserve these poles for both their historic value and their potential for functionality. Simple flags, banners, or even pedestrian lights can be affixed to these as a part of Robinson Street’s branding.

Dominion is currently evaluating the safety of the poles while we discuss official ownership and maintenance with the city. Hopefully we will be able to preserve these concrete poles to further enhance the Fan’s historic downtown flair. Why Richmond, Why?!? Burning of Trolley Cars

Take a look at this article about what happened to Richmond’s historic trolley cars. The Robinson Street Association hopes to preserve the streetcar poles in our area for reuse. Check back for more details on this project!

51d6f95189c55.image(photo courtesy of Richmond Times Dispatch archive)

Full article on the trolleys here at


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