Who We Are


The Robinson Street Association (RSA) is a membership organization comprised of homeowners, renters and business owners who pay annual dues and live or work along Robinson Street from Broad Street in the north and Idlewood Avenue in the south and includes the 2500 and 2600 blocks of all of the east/west streets in between Broad and Idlewood. Interested persons/businesses who live or work outside of these boundaries may become Friends of the Association provided they pay annual dues.

The purpose of the Robinson Street Association

  1. The cultivation of a community spirit to help maintain the Robinson Street district as a safe and pleasant place to live and work;
  2. The promotion of projects and programs that will enhance the community and
  3. The representation of its members to organizations and governments in efforts to enhance the community.

RSA is managed by a Board of Directors of no less than seven people and no more than 15 all of whom must be members of the association. The Board is elected at the Annual meeting, which is the fourth Tuesday in May. The Board meets every other month on the fourth Tuesday at Retreat Hospital. Members and Friends are encouraged to attend. RSA has four officers elected by the Board.

The current board members are:

Term Expires 2020:

Diane Arnold – Resident

Alice McClure – Resident

Aline Reitzer – Business (Acacia Midtown)

Matt Thornhill – Business (SIR/Institute for Tomorrow)

Alice Tousignant – Business (HD Advisors)

Term Expires May 2018:

D’Anna Bowman – Resident

Alice DeCamps – Resident

Carl Nelson – Business (Retreat Hospital)

Joyce Wriston – Resident

Term Expires May 2019:

Bob Cox – Business (Curbside)

Aubrey Eicher – Business (Richmond Wellness)

Jeff Hood – Resident

Ro Studor – Resident

There are three Committees: Marketing/Communications, Membership/Nominating, and Streetscape/Safety.  Members and Friends are encouraged to volunteer on any of these Committees.

Annual dues are $25 for households/friends and $100 for businesses. To become a member, please click here.

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